I read a stream of musings
Of amber autumn leafs
Thunderstorms rising
Blue oceans and ravines

And turned to look outside
Hoping to find my own
But saw dying grass for miles
Beneath a blinding sun

Perhaps I’ll drive a while
And find myself upon
An undiscovered sight
With nature’s gentle song



We can make you fall in love
We can make you sing along

We can craft a love affair
We can fake it like we care

We can lure you with our bait
We can be your worst mistake

Both truth tellers and deceivers
We are the poetic word weavers

Beware of our siren songs.

Fated Melodies

Music, I don’t hear it
Like most of the world
Rhythm, I can’t feel it
Like I can touch words

But you, you hear it well
The sounds I cannot see
They live inside your head
Before you set them free

So let us walk this path
Where both of our arts meet
I will spill out my heart
To your new melody

Revision of You

My expression changes
And the conversation turns sour
When your name is mentioned
Everything gets awkward

People talk of lessons learned
And things they’d never take back
But I know I’d get rid of you
Without a second thought

A pointless second heartache
Not even my first love
I was moving on with life
The moment you showed up

Regaining all my strength
I built up enough trust
To place in your hands
The beating sign of love

The night you told the truth
I felt my soul go numb
No tears in front of you
But I did shed them all

In the corner of a room
Cradled in my best friend’s arms
Curled in a fetal position
Choking on my bleeding heart

No, I don’t want to remember
The way any of this started
None of your eternal promises
Or the things I thought once mattered

If I got a second chance
To life live a different way
I’d go back and take from you
Every single thing I gave


Selfish with my time
As well as my skin
Truth is I’m no good
For the little things

Great in theory
Like a bright idea
I lose my shimmer
If you come near

It seems that distance
Brings out my best
For as a stranger
I fare out well


It’s unintentional but for a moment
What follows after is designed for pain
The daggers from my mouth are automatic
And I know exactly where to aim

You’re breaking the emergency glass
But it’s all too little too late
You’re standing in a bloodbath
And I’m running high on hate

The boiling in my blood rises
As love gives way to rage
I’m burning it all to ashes
And taking you down in flames

Run out while you still can
And don’t try to be a hero
I’ll say what I can’t take back
To make it all even clearer

You say that I don’t mean it
And I try harder to scream
You don’t want to believe it
But this might be the real me


In the brushstrokes of a painter
Sweeping across the canvas
In the eye of a photographer
Holding present seconds past

In the rhythm of a symphony
Stringing its harmonic melodies
In the swift rising and ending
Connecting the hero’s journey

You can find me.